pics and online store coming soon 

Maggie McCormick 

Fun and Playful feather jewelry and hair pieces 


Hoo are you wearing? 

Elegant and bold Jewlery made with shaped wire and various stones 


 White Raven Ink

Adorable tiny little book earrings and necklaces 

Laurie Starr 

Bright and colorful beaded earrings and bracelets 

Krisinda Lowe-Daigle 

 Quirky one-of-a kind jewelery

Magpie's Finds 

Delicate pieces with nature and metal theme. Very stylish 

Found Jewels 

Charming pieces of statement jewelry for any occassion 

Heywire Silver 

Amazing handmade silver jewelry, simple yet bold 

 Swallow & Twig 

Mini watercolour painting jewelry. 

literally wearable art 


Mylady Jewelry 

Eye catching beaded rings. many sizes with a flexable band 


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