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Laura P.

Its one of the better second hand/ consignment shops in downtown Halifax. Take the staircase up from The Clothes horse, and you'll find yourself in the cosy quarters of 'Put Me On'. 

The owner (a NSCAD fashion student/ entrepreneur!) is simply delightful, offering helpful hints and info without the pressure to purchase. The clothing selection is playful and abundant, and also offers a section stuffed with new pieces by some very cool local designers. (Great one-of-a-kinds!) 

Besides clothes, there are loads of interesting accessories, locally made soaps and special trinkets to explore. The space is tight, but at least men and women get their own rooms for browsing. (Phewf.) I found the price range to be moderate and even the locally designed pieces weren't crazily expensive. (Although you'll always tend to pay a little more for Locally Made) The owner has recently debuted some her own fantastic origami-type fabric necklaces. Swoon!

And just to put the icing on the cake, there is always an excellent music selection to accompany your shopping experience. (Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Thom Yorke B-sides, anyone?)  A place to stop by often!

 Liz S.

Halifax, NS

Just upstairs from the Clothes Horse is this charming little boutique, and it's worth the trip!

Put Me On has a great variety of clothing, both vintage and from local designers, and it's all reasonably priced and well curated.  The shop space is small, with a room for men's clothing and one for women's, but it's jam packed full of great finds.  Shirts cost around $15, and coats will run you a little more (maybe $45-$60 dollars average), but prices seem reasonable.

The shop owner is adorable, helpful and friendly, but you're under no pressure to buy, so feel free to browse until you find something you're almost guaranteed to.

 Shawna D.

Chester, NSs

This shop seems have have a little better selection of clothes, as long as you do not mind climbing the Harry Potter Stairs, just kidding, they are not that bad. 

It is amazing that in a small area there is so much compacted in and these shops sit on top of each other, literally. The owner here is great and helpful.

 Ayla H.

Halifax, NS

Put Me On is small, but I like that about it. It is located on the "vintage block" on Queen Street, so it's easy to pop into while you're checking out the two or three others within a stone's throw. Architecturally, I am totally a fan of stores that are built in the upper levels of old houses. I know the Clothes Horse is in a house too (the same house in fact), but there's something about climbing a flight of stairs to get to a shop that I find increases the anticipation about what's inside. In the case of Put Me On, you'll find a tidy little selection of used clothing, mostly women's, and a good amount of accessories. The shopkeeper is quite nice, and you're likely to find something interesting. If not, try again soon, new stock is always moving in.

 Courtney M.

Halifax, NS

As you walk up the steps to the entrance of 'Put Me On,' you might wonder if you're inadvertently entering a soap shop. Not to worry though, it's just the Osha Mae soap products that are sold out of this little consignment shop. 

Overall, I was impressed to see the vast array of funky second hand tops and dresses at this shop. Lots of neat little hand made cards as well as a ton of earrings as well. I particularly liked the repurposed leather earrings designed to look like leaves.

 cheryl d.

Halifax, NSo

Put Me On! 
I was told that this was a must when I am downtown, actually I never knew about this spot until reading Yelp and wanted to check it out. Walking into this location I though Vintage. Only a small location packed with jewelry to hats to purses as well as racks of cloths that line the walls all at great reasonable prices. Even a clearance rack with item from $5 to $10 and great things. Dresses and skirts, pants and suits are all available. Sizes do not range like they would at a normal store as there is only one size per piece as it is a consignment store. 

This is a store that you have to spend time in and try things on. I would imagine that you would find some great things in Put Me On if you take the time to appreciate the items.


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